195 LEWIS is a dramedy series about a group of women navigating the realities of being Black, queer, and poly in New York City.

We'll be joined by YAANI SUPREME, co-creator of 195 LEWIS.

Doors at: 

Doors open at 6:30pm

FREE to the public
Community event: Queer Faith

Due to unforeseen circumstances Queer Faith has been postponed to a later date to be announced. 


Queer Faith: begged, borrowed and stolen, fabulous and fierce. A live storytelling event. An intimate night out exploring the center and edges of our queer experiences broadly defined.

As with The Moth, all stories are true, told live and without notes. 

Queer: different, out of the ordinary, both/and instead of either/or, quirky 

Faith: center, root, what we trust in, how we orient ourselves

Doors at: 

Doors at 6:30

Free/Suggested Donation

SPACE is proud to raise artist Rirkrit Tiravanija’s flag, Untitled 2017 (fear eats the soul) (white flag)

Tatsuya Nakatani is a Japanese avant-garde percussionist and acoustic sound artist. Based in the United States, he has released over 80 recordings in the last two decades and toured all over the world. Nakatani has developed his own unique instrumentation and extended techniques, creating new sounds utilizing gongs, drums, cymbals, singing bowls, wooden sticks, metal objects, and the idiosyncratic bows and mallets he handcrafts in his workshop. He sculpts an intense, intuitively primitive, expressive sound form that defies genre.

Doors at: 

doors at 8pm

$10 advance, $12 day of show
$8 advance, $10 day of show for members

HERE TO BE HEARD The Story of The Slits is a film about the world's first all girl punk band who formed in London in 1976, contemporaries of The Clash & The Sex Pistols, they are the pioneering godmothers of the musical movement known as  "Punky Reggae". The film tells the story of the band and the lives of the women involved, from the bands inception in 1976 to the bands end in 2010 coinciding at the death of lead vocalist Ari Up.

$6 for SPACE Members and Students w/ ID

"Amos Paul Kennedy, Jr. was a successful computer programmer for AT&T when he saw a printing press at colonial Williamsburg, Virginia, and stopped in his tracks. At age 40, he decided that his corporate life was over. He had found his calling, he says, as a printer and provocateur. He now runs a highly regarded letterpress poster shop in the town of Gordo, Alabama, and is a vibrant example of the revival of handmade crafts.

Doors at: 

Doors open at 6:00pm

FREE to the public

The last time drummer Brendan Canty and bassist Joe Lally were in a band together, they were the rhythmic architects for Fugazi, an organization whose decade and a half of disciplined progressivism provided a necessary bridge between the zenith of late-punk expression and everything alternative in rock that followed.

Doors at: 

doors at 8:00

$10 advance, $12 day of show
$8 advance, $10 day of show for members

SPACE is pleased to present, The Friction Coefficient of Ice Against Various Materials, a new window installation by Portland-based artist, Justin Levesque. The Friction Coefficient of Ice Against Various Materials responds to Levesque's participation in The Arctic Circle artist residency and is a product of an interdisciplinary practice.

SPACE is proud to raise artist Trevor Paglen​’s flag, Weeping Angel as part of Creative Time's Pledges of Allegiance project. 

Community event: Hip Hop Heaven

Building off December's Disco Forever program, join us for a conversation exploring the historical elements of hip-hop, its socio-political vibes and discontents, along with trends in contemporary practice.

Hip-Hop Heaven is in respect of the truths of black artists in response to police violence, gender violence, racism, American politics, religion, poverty and the hustle; as writer Alejandro Nava writes,

Doors at: 

Doors at 7:00


Suggested Donation $5


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