SPACE Gallery is pleased to announce Ken Gonzales-Day: The Wonder Gaze, an exhibition of photographs by the Los Angeles based artist. The work on view developed out of Gonzales-Day’s examination into the history of lynching in California, a largely unknown chapter of the American West. The Wonder Gaze 
is scheduled in conjunction with the 2007 Human Rights Watch International Traveling Film Festival, a weeklong series of films and discussions, which SPACE has hosted six times. 

SPACE Gallery opens its doors and invites you to exhibit your work in a salon-style survey show.  FREE FOR ALL is both a curatorial experiment and a democratic effort to organize and present work. This is an open call with no submission fee.  It’s a free for all.

At the start of the millennium, technology dominated visual art. Since then, we’ve seen a resurgence of art made by hand that matters to people in a different way. Matter refers to physical substance and to a subject of thought or concern. Used here metaphorically, Matter describes an aesthetic shift in which a new generation of artists is reinvigorating the textile tradition relevant to many of the concerns of this new century.

This exhibit heralds the revitalization of sculptural textiles for a new era. This thematic group exhibition features works by artists whose imagery is informed by contemporary issues such as globalization, labor, gender and the body, proliferation, and nature. Matter brings together six artists who reside in the Northeast and Midwest. They have created contemporary sculptures, visually complex and compelling, grounded in ideas that transcend the traditions of craft. The sculptures in Matter immerse viewers in a world of eye-catching visual experience and sheer imagination. Each artwork is made by hand, bringing together cutting-edge and age-old visual techniques.

SPACE Gallery is pleased to present The New Constructionists, a drawing show featuring new work by Meghan Brady, Jena Derman, Gina Siepel, and Zoë Wright.  While the artists draw on a range of influences, exploring different sets of themes and questions, the works on view all possess a certain “built” quality, employing functions of form and space, symmetry, surface, and pattern to construct drawings from everyday objects and sights familiar.  These four artists’ solitary engagements with drawing advance their private experiments in recreating and reimagining within the picture plane.

SPACE is pleased to present The Past Is A Ghost, a collaborative installation by Zach Poff and N.B. Aldrich, on view in our storefront gallery.

Originally developed for the Soundmarks exhibition at Art Interactive, The Past Is A Ghost is an interactive video installation for public spaces that was designed to test the aptitude of virtual transformation for transcendent experience. The idea of existing in, or contributing to, the localized stream of historical progression is at the heart of The Past Is A Ghost. A TV monitor shines out, showing a live surveillance image of passing pedestrians and the surrounding street scene, evidence of the here and now. When a passerby stops to observe the monitor, the background fades away and the viewer is cast into a compressed virtual history, rendered into the ghosted past of the camera's collected observations. 


 In the SPACE front window local artist Colleen Kinsella brings color, dimension and life to Charles Gocher's memorial with an installation using paper as sculpture to create Kinsella's view of Sun City Girls live. "The Brothers When Connected " opens on Monday June 16th. Keep your eyes open. The rest is a secret.

SPACE Gallery is pleased to present Detached Sentiments, a show of new work by local illustrator and artist Patrick Corrigan with sound installations by performance artist Rev. Crank Sturgeon, photo stills and video by DOGHAUS, and mystery art by Maine writer, Chris Barry. The show includes drawings, paintings, photographs, sound and video pieces, and small works, including a few boutique products (see attached photos) made at Fort Awesome, Corrigan’s sprawling Bayside studio. A third, full-length album by Portland band Seekonk will also be released and available at SPACE during the show. Each Wednesday in July, at 6:30 PM, a small musical act will fill the SPACE entrance gallery for one hour – admission free!

Kyle Downs: "My work focuses heavily on form, construction, and the preservation of raw materials. In my experimental, mad scientific-state I treat each piece with a simple system; exploration, extrapolation, transformation. Host essentially is the parasitic transformation of plywood that feeds off of harsh living conditions. Suffocated by white walls, bright lights, and its current glass chamber, Host remarkably remains resilient in this introduced environment."

Megan O'Connell
John Salvest
Sam Winston
David Wolfe
Eric Yahnker

SPACE presents a typography-based show, including works from five artists who collectively portray a range of conceptual possibilities and uses of type in visual art.

A selection of works from Vox Populi

Curated by Andrew Suggs

Founded in 1988, Vox Populi is a nonprofit artist collective in Philadelphia that works to support the challenging and experimental work of underrepresented artists with monthly exhibitions, gallery talks, performances, lectures, and related programming.

Expanded Marks presents works from fifteen Vox artists whose practices embrace and expand notions of mark making.  The works in the show are contemporary expansions of drawing in many media: sculpture, installation, painting, and drawing.




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