This month, Spindleworks and YES Art Works collaborate to highlight the work of two talented artists who elevate everyday structures and happenings to another plane entirely. For Richard Moore of Litchfield, it’s a literal raising of his eyes to observe and capture all that resides overhead: telephone poles, ceiling tiles, and contrail lines. Dynamic pen and ink lines carefully pulled from one edge of the page to the other draw the viewer into a tense, yet meditative, space. For Tom Ridlon of Alfred, certain buildings and vehicles he passes each day on the way to his studio in Brunswick etch into his mind. With no drawing, plan, or photo, Tom creates meticulous architectural models from the most basic of supplies—cardboard and construction paper, transforming a simple trailer home into a miniature castle. This month SPACE gallery’s window gallery features a selection of Tom’s models and Richard’s telephone pole drawings, bringing attention and new perspective to aspects of American daily life.

Seokmee Noh is a painter, illustrator, and designer. Born in Korea, she studied visual art at the Hongik University in Seoul, Korea and since 1994 she has participated in many group shows and held six solo exhibits.



In the front entryway: four paintings by artist Katy Fischer

Lisa Pixley: Four and Twenty Black Birds

Installation, 2009

Red Rose Tea and Charcoal on Paper. Black Drafting Tape.

Four and Twenty Black Birds is a three dimensional illustration of the nursery rhyme "Sing a Song of Six Pence".,,

OCEAN MIND is a brand new multi-channel, electro/acoustic sound installation by Vermont musician/composer Greg Davis. The installation features 5 gongs (ranging in size from 12"-28") which are activated and sounded by small motors, creating a continuous wash of blissful metallic overtones. The electronic component of the installation consists of 4 loudspeakers and multiple handheld cassette players playing long loops of spectrally processed gong tones. The processed gong tones create ghost-like waves related to the acoustic gong sounds. All of the elements are spatialized around the gallery to make a multi-dimensional sound environment with infinite changing perspectives as the listener moves about the room. The sum of all the parts creates an immersive, meditative, deep listening space perfect for clearing one's mind and bringing us all back (or forward) to the present moment.

The opening of the sound installation will be followed by a rare live performance of analog synthesizer music by Greg Davis, Keith Fullerton Whitman & Ben Vida.

Jon Langford is a founding member of British punk band The Mekons and Chicago alt-country outfit The Waco Brothers, and a painter to boot. 

Langford’s “song-paintings” fuse publicity-shot portraiture with imagery derived from folk art, Dutch still life, classic Western wear, and the cold, cold war—all instilled with sharp, sardonic wit and a Constructivist sense of the power of language. He applies his completely distinctive style to the depiction of American music giants such as Bob Wills, Hank Williams, and Johnny Cash, and also to more ghostly, marginalized figures -- blindfolded cowboys, astronauts, and dancers -- jerked around by the forces of success and exploitation, fame and neglect.

It’s a style supple enough not only to express the artist’s deep regard for his musical heroes, but also for him to comment on the death-dealing tendencies in the culture of his adopted homeland, from the killing off of authentic popular music by homogenized, mass-marketed drivel to the embrace of capital punishment as a response to social ills.

Each painting involves a "long process of layering, scraping, and minute attention to detail. Basically, I create a very unstable surface with acrylics and pastel on top of each other and work on top of that with Sharpies, felt pens, white out, gunk, snot and whatever comes to hand."

SPACE once again opens the doors and invites you to exhibit your work in a salon-style survey show. Free For All 2 is both a curatorial experiment and a democratic effort to organize and present work from a wide variety of artists. This is an open call with no submission fee. It's a free for all.

Portland's The Pine Haven Collective presents a gallery installation and the "Draw Your Face Off" drawing rally. Live drawing by local artists will go on throughout the evening, with all work for sale for $20 and ready to take home.

We've invited New York based Swoon and her collaborators Ben Wolf, Greg Henderson, Conrad Carlson, Monica Canilao and Ryan Doyle to construct an installation of found materials, wheatpasted prints, paintings and more.

Here are some links to sites / news about Swoon:
Deitch Projects
Swimming Cities of the Switchback Sea
June 7 2009 article t;/a> in New York Magazine
Swimming Cities of Serenissima

She'll give a talk about her work at SPACE on Saturday, October 17.

Cathy McLaurin's installation, created in 2002, consists of a wall papered with secrets and a booth where participants add secrets to the project. Written in pencil on hand-cut 4”x5” newsprint rectangles, the secrets have the visual tone of a whisper, on an intimate scale. More than 2500 handwritten secrets have been collected to date. The newsprint yellows over time, evoking remnants of the past, old family letters, and nostalgia. The booth creates a private and meditative space – a confessional. Participants write and then deposit their secrets into a locked box. During the time in which the project is installed, the secrets are periodically unlocked and added to an adjoining wall. Thus, participants experience the power of having written their secret and then seeing it posted alongside those of previous participants. 



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