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Whiskey Tit Fall Tour

Whiskey Tit is a publishing house based in Vermont that "proudly publish(s) books that are too long or too short, books in which the authors insist upon no back cover blurbs, books whose best genre descriptions might be “comedy of terror,” “memnoir,” “randy seafaring misadventure,” or “low-tech noir.” Whiskey Tit aim to celebrate their performative and visual influences at each of their readings/public events, to offer readers "a more sensory swim about our authors’ heads."  In addition, Whiskey Tit pairs with like-minded authors and performers in the towns they visit whenever possible, to offer everyone all a bit of grounding and camaraderie.  

Join us for a reading/performance/happening on November 15th featuring the works of two authors.  Brooklyn-based Joey Truman has released two books in yin/yang fashion, Postal Child, a dark ‘comedy of terror,’ and Killing the Math, a memoir about growing up as one of five brothers in the reddest neck of rural Wyoming.  Joining Joey will be Whiskey Tit flagship author Jon Frankel reading from his new book The Man Who Can’t Die, a ‘sci-fi noir’ set five hundred years in the future, where a drug is able to cure the population’s pervasive ennui with a catch: ten percent of people who take the drug mysteriously die.

Local songstress Lisa/Liza will be joining the authors as well as Black Cat Coffee owner and poet Keith Dunlap and a set from Joey Truman's band Badreamachine.  

Come experience a literary event that does more to represent the worlds created in these books, stories and poems than a smartly dressed person nervously reading in front of a podium. 

Joey Truman is a Writer/Performer/Musician/Visual Artist/Actor in precisely that order. He is from Wyoming. He now lives in Brooklyn, NY. For the last 15 years He has worked most notably with The Collapsable Giraffe and Findlay//Sandsmark (Iver Findlay, Jim Findlay, Marit Sandsmark, Pal Asle Petersen). During this period he has also worked with Jim Dawson, Jeff Sugg, Jack Warren, Gandalf Gavan, Young Jean Lee, Diane Madden, Eric Dyer, Stephen Moses, Claudia La Rocco, among other very notable artists. As a writer he has written 2 novels and has three in progress. In addition to Postal Child, an untitled work will be published by Ugly Duckling Press in the Fall of 2017. As a musician he is currently in three bands: Um, Wet Dream Machine, and Bronco Dilator.

Jon Frankel is a novelist and poet. Writing as Buzz Callaway he is the author of Specimen Tank (Manic D Press, 1994). He lives in upstate New York with his wife and children. Visit his website lastbender.com to read his essays, other novels and poetry.  His second novel, GAHA: BABES OF THE ABYSS, was published in 2014 by Whiskey Tit.  Author Cara Hoffman says "Following in the tradition of Philip K. Dick, Frankel is truly an outsider intellectual whose ideas are as wonderfully engrossing as they are apocalyptic. To enter his world is a raucous pleasure."

Whiskey Tit returns to the tradition of outsider, underground literature, foregoing traditional publishing models for those that benefit readers and authors.  In addition to Truman and Frankel and our upcoming roster of artists, we are rescuing the out-of-print writings of Jim Strahs and Marianne Hauser, and hope to do the same for other ignored works of brilliance.

November 15, 2016
7:30 PM

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