Members and Donors



Cyrus and Patricia Hagge

The Andy Warhol Foundation for the Visual Arts

The Davis Family Foundation

Warren Memorial Foundation

White Pine Foundation



E. Kent Gordon

Kirby Family Foundation

Quimby Family Foundation

Roger Berle

Roy A. Hunt Foundation

The Bangor Savings Bank Foundation

Wescustogo Foundation




Hoddy and Wooly Hildreth

Lucas and Yemaya St. Clair

Moser Family Foundation

Rines/Thompson Fund of the Maine Community Foundation

Rob & Elke Hagge, in honor of Cyrus Hagge



Able Baker Contemporary

Adam Lee, Lee Auto Malls

Alice and Dick Spencer

Anderson Family Foundation

Ann Marie and Joe Malone

Betsy Evans Hunt and Christopher Hunt

Betsy Whitman and Harro Jakel

Brooks Family Foundation

Chris and Celine Kuhn

Christopher Moore and Bree LaCasse

Christopher and Lucy Sullivan

Coffee by Design

Daryl Turicek and Holly Doggett

Donna Roggenthien and Ron Leeking

Elliotsville Plantation, Inc.

Emily and Duncan Bruce

Jessica Tomlinson and Henry Wolyniec

John Ryan and Jenny Scheu

Kate and Ian Malin

Latkin Family Foundation

Leigh H. Tuckey and Bertram J. Tuckey III

Lipton Crisp Family Foundation

Maine Arts Commission

Maine Community Foundation / Chris Corbett

Mark Jamra

Maine College of Art

New England Foundation for the Arts

Noah and Chelsea DeLorme

Sara M. Crisp and Gregg R. Lipton

Spinnaker Trust

Stephen H. Caine

The Alfred and Dorothy Suzi Osher Memorial Foundation

The Bessire Family

The Fox Family Foundation

The Morse Hill Trust

The Press Hotel

The VIA Group

Winky Lewis and Alex Millspaugh



Annie Leahy and Mike Carey


Carol Varney

Chris Akerlind

Derek and Naoko Jaskulski

Donna McNeil

Ed Feibel

Elena Schmidt

Gary Stern and Demetrios Karabetsos

Gibson and Renee Fay-LeBlanc

Harry W. Konkel

Jane and Jack Phillips

Jerome and Mary Beth Richard

Laura Mazikowski and Roger Amory

Material Objects

Nathaniel Thompson

Paul and Dodo Stevens

Portland Museum of Art

Seth Clayter and Nicole Cherbuliez

The Steelcase Foundation

Trevor and Jessica Esch

Tsunami Tattoo



Abby and Jeff Troiano

Abegail Baguio

Alec Porteous

Alice and Geoff Wagg

Alison and Chris Herrick

Ann Amstutz and Andrew Hayes

Ann Kearsley

Ann Marie Levine

Arline Saturdayborn

Audrey Maynard and Kaighn Smith Jr.

Beba and James Cabot

Betsy & Steve Tesh

Catherine Bloom

Charles Miller

Chris Ajemian and Sara Juli

Christi Razzi and Justin Lumiere

Christian Prasch and Joanna Shaw

Christopher Campbell and Lisa Pixley

Clara Porter and Daniel Holliday

Deborah Wing-Sproul and Anthony Kosner

Diane Nichols

Elizabeth Chapman and Carter Manny

Elizabeth Ehrenfeld

Elizabeth Hunter

Elizabeth Moore

Greenhut Galleries

Hannah Quimby

James P. Lynch

Janice Adler

Janice Dunwoody

Jason Read

Jen and Josh Rent

Jennifer Hutchins and Peter Weed

Jensen Baird Gardner & Henry

Jessie Lacey and Michael Leonard

John and Carolyn Rosenblum

Jonathan Daniszewski

Justin Van Soest

Lily King and Tyler Clements

MAINE Magazine

Malcolm and Susan Rogers

Marci and Joshua Murphy

Matt and Emily Delamater

Matthew and Darcy Poor

Mb Sound

Michaela Cavallaro

Nathaniel May

Norway Savings Bank

Peter Macomber

Phuc and Sue Tran

Pickwick Independent Press

Portland General Store

Rose Marasco

Sean Mewshaw and Desi Van Til

Susan Conley and Tony Kieffer

Susan Morris and Chip Newell

Thomas and Mika Reynolds

Timothy Wyant

Tobey Scott and Amy Woodhouse

Tom and Judy O'Donnell

Tom O'Brian

University of Southern Maine



Alice and Joseph Smith

Amanda Pleau

Andrew and Jami Patrick

Ann Casady and Peter Pitegoff

Ann Tracy

Anne B. Zill

Ariana Fischer Interior Designs

Barbara Rita Jenny

Benjamin Mason

Berry Manter

Brian Eng and Renee Bourgeois

Buzz Poole

Carol A. Wilson

Carol Dilley

Celeste Roberge

Colin Apse and Rachelle Curran Apse

Cornelia Walworth and Mark McCain

Cynthia Thompson and Matt Rawdon

Dave Wade

David Pence and Moira Driscoll

Dennis and Diedre Isherwood

Diana Cherbuliez

Diversified Communications

Don and Samantha Lindgren

Doug Welch and Caitlin Gutheil

Douglas Watts

East Brown Cow Management

Eddie and Patty Howells

Eleanor and Charlton H. Ames

Elena and Rob Henry

Elizabeth Finch

Elizabeth McGhee and Kara Wooldrik

Emily Baer

Eric Kawamoto

Heather Davis and Matthew Bush

James and Kristen Isaacson

Jamie Hogan and Marty Braun

Jason Mann and Hannah Pingree

Jenna Crowder

Joan Campbell

Joe Bornstein

John Sayles

Jonathan and Nancy Aldrich

Joseph Paolino

Judy Novey

Julia Durgee

June Delano

Juris Ubans

Kelly McConnell and Matthew Priddy

Kenneth Spirer and Joan Leitzer

Kris Clark and Cindy MacKay

Laura Balladur

Linda Shary and Jeffery Logan

Lori Eschholz and Chris Beth

Mari and Tom Kroon

Meg Hirayama

Melanie and Eliot Cutler

Michael and Missy Asen

Mike Paterniti and Sara Corbett

Mr. and Mrs. J. Tilgman

Otto Pizzeria

Oxbow Brewing Company

Pandora and David LaCasse

Patricia Taub

Patrick Carey and Elise Pelletier

Paul Ernest

Paul Gregory

Peter Bass and Lin Lisberger

Richard and Barbara Russo

Sam Shaw

Sarah Compton and Matt Schaefer

Seth Rigoletti and Gillian Schair

Stacy Mitchell and Jacob Halpert

Stephan and Susan Myers

Steve and Judy Halpert

Strong Arm Bindery

Susan Livingston and Harry Noel

Tammy Ackerman and Joshua Bodwell

Teresa Valliere

The LMNOP Parliament Fund

Wade Brainerd

Wayne Ross and Margaret Smith

up to $100

Abraham and Josefina Auslender

Adam Lachman

Aimee Good

Alice and Chris Ross

Ally Stack

Amanda and Mike Petrozzini

Amelia Harnas

Amy Shinn

Ana Bisaillon

Andres Llorente and Erin Oldham

Andrew Mellow

Andrew Thompson

Andy Jones

Angus and Cricket King

Anja Hanson and Derek Pierce

Anna Dibble

Anne Ponsor



Arielle Walrath

Audrey Gourlie

Ayumi & Chloe Horie

Bank of America

Barbara Egan

Bess Welden and David Hilton

Beth and Jos Van Mierlo

Bethany Weisberger and Wade Kavanaugh

Bill Lundgren and Carol Wolff

Blue and Kevin Butterfield

Bob and Sue Isler

Bobbi Keppel

Brewster Buttfield

Carly Milkowski and Asa Gorman

Carol Pickering

Catherine Morrison

Cathleen Miller

Cathy Prichard

Chris Beneman

Christian Downey

Christopher Papagni

Claudia and Harold Pachios

Clint Fulkerson and Katherine Pendleton


Constance Bloomfield and William McFarlane

Daniel Edwards

Daniel Reardon and Bernadette Woodcock

Dave and Nancy Berrang

David Regan

Dawn Tully

Deborah S. Shinn

Dianne Sinclair

Dinah Minot Hubley and Whip Hubley

Dolores Foster

Doug and Gail Thompson

Dr. Mary Fahrenbach

Edward Hurley and David Sherman

Elaine Marino

Elaine Packard

Elizabeth Harriman

Elizabeth Mayberry

Elizabeth McGrady

Emily Qualey

Emily Wall

Eric Hoffsten and Claire Houston

Erica Schair-Cardona and Ivan Cardona

Erin Quigley

Ethan Covey

Ethan Hipple

First Pier Technology Partners

Forrest Stilin

Gail Spaien

Gayle Duncan

Greta Rybus and Zach Nugent

Gwyneth Jones and Gretchen Berg

Hal Cohen

Hannah Doherty

Hans Breaux

Henry and Donna Isaacs

Hilary Lefebvre

Hildin McKeagney

Ian Bannon

J. Peter Monro and Jill Bock

Jack and Kate Mann

James Frederick

Jean Murachanian

Jeff and Ellen Van Fleet

Jeffrey Packard

Jen Swanda

Jennifer Baldwin

Jessica, Christian, and Mona MilNeil

Jim Chute and Sara Hayes

Joan Rogers

Joanna Sturiano

John Knight and Pamela Chamberlain

John Monahan

Jonathan Little

Joseph Delaney and Anne Callender

Judith Southworth

Julianne Baroody

Julie Piechowski

Julie Poitras-Santos and Richard Santos

Kala Ladenheim

Karine Odlin

Karla Wight

Karla Wight

Kate Howe

Kate Ireland

Katharine J. Watson

Kathleen Bender

Kathleen Spahn

Kathryn Rutherford

Kathryn Sargent

Katie Gray and Andrew Wawra

Keri Lord

Kimberly Roseberry

Koren Sullivan

Larry and Jackie Vine

Lauri and Ethan Boxer-Macomber

Lauri GIbson

Lex Lyon

Luke Myers

Lynda Litchfield and Duncan Stout

Mackenzie Lewis

Maggie Miller

Mako Bates and Thea Young

Marcia Brown

Marcie Parker Griswold and Andrew Griswold

Maria Mockler

Maria Vettese and Christopher Ryan

Marieke Van Der Steenhoven

Marjorie Moore

Mark Grover

Markos Miller

Marna Miller and Chase Boyd

Marty Pottenger

Mary Alice Scott

Mary Ann Healey

Mary Ellen Deschenes and David Talbott

Mary Murphy and Joe Conroy

Matt Holden

Matthew Kennedy

Mel Shapiro

Melinda Barnes

Melinda Plastas

Michael Maltby

Mikako Nishikawa

Mike Fink

Molly Brown

Molly Haley

Natasha Mayers

Nathan Stevens

Nick Scheu

Norah Brennan

Norine Kotts

Orianna Bailey

Pamela Moulton

Parlin Meyer

Paul Lichter and Meryl Troop

Peter Davoli

Peter J. Callnan, CPA

Philip Brou

Philip Powell

Pretty Purgatory

Rachel Kobasa

Rachel, Sean, and Nina Healy

Raffi Der Simonian

Richard and Mary Levy

Richard Entel

Rick Wakely

Robert Gould

Robert Olney

Roger Conover and Eda Cufer

Roger Dontonville

Sandi Knakal

Sarah Auld and Tom Brokish

Sarah Graulty

Scott Schnapp and Heidi Almy

Screen Printing Seps

Sean Dundon

Serge and Lynda Vladimiroff

Spiral Journeys LLC

Stephen and Sally Robinson

Steven Becker

Sue Nutty

Susan Drucker

Susan McCloskey

Taffy and Eliot Field

Tasha Graff

Teri Collard and Paul Coughlin

Theresa Kelly

Therese Armstrong

Transparent Audio

Wendy Chapkis

Wendy Cherubini

Wes Covey and Erin Smith

William Ritch-Smith and Sarah Flink

Zack Anchors


(This list spans January 1 - December 31, 2016.)

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