House Whether by Yourself / Ray Spectrum

House Whether is a multidimensional exhibition presented by Yourself. Creating works in various locations and media and spearheaded by Detroit-based artist, Ray Spectrum, Yourself is neither one artist nor a collective but rather a collaborative work seeking the inclusion and participation of you, the audience. The exhibition will include murals in SPACE’s performance hall, an installation in the window gallery and a narrative-driven social media project.

Combining figurative abstraction with drawings of Portland architecture, House Whether questions how the changing urban landscape reflects and shapes social constructions of identity. To further inform the content within the gallery, SPACE has invited local youth activist group Kesho Wazo to participate in the process of collecting stories and source images for the murals. This exhibition is intended to open further discussions of the city’s housing climate within SPACE gallery, the street and your digital screen.

October 7, 2016
December 10, 2016