Growth / Proliferation

"My work explores repetitious, self-organizing symmetries in the natural world. Affected by elemental conditions, objects in the world are organized in a way that is neither crystalline nor inorganic. Water erosion sculpts mountains, and life populates those exposed fertile pockets. Thematic and fluid, these natural symmetries are accentuated through repetition which in turn create texture and form structures in negative space.

Encouraged by meditations and comprised of groups of thoughts, these symmetrical textures are largely spontaneous and inform the work I make as it is being created. The resulting marks avoid the overtly geometric while keeping in mind that self-organizing principles are the source of unchecked processes in the universe. The objects I create refer to life, erosion and become abstract structures that grow, spread, and disappear.”

--Jeff Sheridan, 2016



Jeff Sheridan is a multi-disciplinary artist who draws inspiration from science, the occult, and folklore. Sheridan challenges viewers by blurring the lines between artistic and cultural styles in his presentation, often investigating and discarding contemporary themes at the same time. He currently lives and works in Portland, Oregon.

August 29, 2016
October 5, 2016