Composite Materialism


Composite Materialism contains three dimensional works by Ethan Greenbaum, Tamara Zahaykevich and Letha Wilson. Using materials that are cast off or typically found in construction, these three artists find form and beauty in the mundane. 

Ethan Greenbaum’s block wall installation replaces mortar with multicolored plascticine, adding bright colors to the solemn gray of the uniform concrete blocks. His three-dimensional photographs of concrete sections of sidewalks are life-sized reproductions formed on vacuum-formed PVC. 

Tamara Zahaykevich’s colorful sculptures combine discarded or low-end materials such as found-on-the-street styrofoam, old paint mixing palettes, and bits of foam board and paper from her studio floor. 

Letha Wilson’s installations and sculpures combine photography with wood, concrete and metal to create hybrid forms that explore the natural landscape through new interpretations and confrontations. Her work creates relationships between architecture and nature, and the gallery space and the American wilderness.


Ethan Greenbaum:

Letha Wilson:

Tamara Zahaykevitch:

November 18, 2011
December 17, 2011
United States

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