Xasthur with Johanna Warren and Dwell in Moonblood


Xasthur with Johanna Warren and Dwell in Moonblood

The black metal visionary brings his acoustic trio tour to SPACE

Xasthur is a band that thrives on taking risks. From its early days, solo-recording bleak and powerful black metal up until the dark acoustic folk music of today, it has always been a musical project that has kept people guessing. Scott Conner began Xasthur in 1996 and over the span of the next decade, released eight full-lengths and dozens of other releases through labels such as Hydra Head Records. After putting the project to rest in 2010, Scott shifted his musical focus away from the black metal genre to the sounds of acoustic folk and blues. Scott revived the Xasthur name in 2015 and is no longer the sole member, fleshing out his sound with vocalist and guitarist Christopher Hernandez and bassist Rachel. This reinvention of the band follows the sound that was begun with Nocturnal Poisoning, a fingerpicked barrage of notes with varying moods and tempos. From the faster songs that paint pictures of urban desperation to the slower songs that mold into moments of solitude and depression, this music is for those willing to listen and be affected. With songs that confront drug abuse, homelessness, and the existential drama of modern life, Xasthur’s music reminds us where the real nightmares dwell. 

Xasthur will be joined on this national tour by Portland, Oregon psych-folk songstress Johanna Warren. Local dark and ethereal songcrafters Dwell in Moonblood (ft. Brendan James Hayter of Obsidian Tongue) open the evening. 

May 23, 2017
8:00 PM
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