Video Nasties, amiright?, Cheap City, Goiter


Video Nasties, amiright?, Cheap City, Goiter

Synth-punk ecstasy, dance-punk energy, nightmare-weaving horror and chaotic grooves

Video Nasties- Portland's nightmare-weaving horror band who create chaotically dance-able music and deliver the best of times. Mysterious Synth-punk from Portland, Maine

amiright?- Described as "mostly a couple of goofballs making each other laugh" by the Portland Phoenix, these goofballs (Quinn and Noah) have joined up with two more friends (Josh and Simi) to deliver a genre-bending ball of sound. Experimental rock music from Portland.

Cheap City- The official cultural ambassadors from Cheap City are pleased to share a sampling of their wares. All dances welcome, but boogie shoes must be worn at all times.  Dance-punk and Experimental-Pop based out of Western Mass.

Goiter- Freak of nature who doesn't belong in the physical realm of existence. Goiter seeks virtual gates of shimmering light. Synth punk ecstasy from the smokey air of Peru, Maine. The first ever live show of Goiter, side project of Robie from Hopeless Losers.

February 23, 2019
8:30 PM