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E.g., 2018/02/25
E.g., 2018/02/25

Music: Tal National The guitar heroes of West Africa return to SPACE!

Tal National is a six-piece band from Niamey, the capital city of Niger, West Africa's largest nation and one of the world's poorest. Although they are hugely popular in their homeland where their music is heavily featured on national TV, they can still be found selling their CDs on the street. Their joyously hypnotic and highly unique music reflects the rich history of... MORE
8:00 PM
$12 advance, $15 day of show

Music: Subtle Degrees: Travis LaPlante and Gerald Cleaver with Lauren Tosswill Powerful & uncategorizable duo sounds from the Battle Trance composer-saxophonist

A Dance That Empties is the culmination of a very long musical relationship. In 2001, when he was only 18 years old, Travis Laplante played a concert at New York’s Knitting Factory, then a pre-eminent mecca for adventurous music of all kinds. Gerald Cleaver was in the audience, and came up to Laplante afterwards, handed him his phone number and said they should play... MORE
8:00 PM
$10 advance, $12 day of show
$8 advance, $10 day of show for students and members

Music: The Low Anthem with Mega Bog and Greg Jamie

The Universe may or may not have had a Pre-Universe. Stars eventually formed and turned on. Planets and moons followed. Everything in motion, constantly changing, as in a dance of the fireflies. At some point, Ben Knox Miller and Jeff Prystowsky were born to the human family, grew up to love music, and as atomic randomness dictates, found each other turning two on the baseball diamond. They... MORE
8:30 PM
$10 advance, $12 day of show

Music: LIVE! ON STAGE: JONATHAN RICHMAN featuring TOMMY LARKINS on the drums! The inimitable proto-punk songsmith returns to SPACE

Jonathan Richman has been writing music, recording and touring for most of his life, gathering the loyalty of fans and fellow artists with his warmth, humor and insightful lyrics. In the early 1970s he formed the Modern Lovers, a major progenitor of punk music. Tommy Larkins was in the groups Naked Prey, Giant Sand and other popular bands in Tucson, Arizona. Jonathan and Tommy continue to record... MORE
8:30 PM
$16 advance, $20 day of show

Film: THE CAGE FIGHTER Followed by video chat with filmmaker Jeff Unay

When life hits him hard, Joe Carman punches back. Newly 40, Joe juggles long hours working in a boiler room, an ongoing custody battle, his wife’s chronic illness, and the demands of raising four girls. The one place he finds release is in the ring, where he competes in the bruising sport of mixed martial arts. Despite the promise he made to his family to stop fighting, Joe continues to train... MORE
7:00 PM
$6 for SPACE Members and Students w/ ID

Artist Talk: Dave Eassa + Jerrell Gibbs

Join Baltimore-based artists, Dave Eassa and Jerrell Gibbs, as they swap tales about art, activism and the importance of optimism. Bagged lunches are suggested. Drinks will be available for purchase.
1:00 PM

Music: Epic Beard Men: Sage Francis & B. Dolan Strange Famous Records hip-hop legends

After a decade of sharing stages and crafting collaborations in the studio, real-life rap BFFs SAGE FRANCIS and B. DOLAN have finally caved to years of fan pressure to form an official group: EPIC BEARD MEN. The super-duo embraced the absurd name as a reminder to themselves that, while they tackle a lot of difficult subject matter in their... MORE
8:00 PM
$15 advance, $18 day of show

Exhibition opening: Sandra Erbacher

Sandra Erbacher will discuss her exhibitions, Geometry of Oppression (SPACE) and TIIC (Border Patrol) as well as her process as an artist working from existing archives and drawing on archival modes of presentation. She will be joined by Sarah Hamerman, an art librarian and researcher who currently works at the MoMA Library. Opening Reception Events 5:00pm Gallery open hours begin at... MORE
6:00 PM


Ittetsu Nemoto, a former punk-turned-Buddhist-priest in Japan, has made a career out of helping suicidal people find reasons to live. But this work has come increasingly at the cost of his own family and health, as he refuses to draw lines between his patients and himself. THE DEPARTURE captures Nemoto at a crossroads, when his growing self-destructive tendencies lead him to confront the same... MORE
7:00 PM
$6 for SPACE Members and Students w/ ID

Artist Talk: Ask Me About My Uterus: A Quest to Make Doctors Believe in Women’s Pain Book reading and signing with Abby Norman

In the fall of 2010, during her sophomore year of college, then 19-year-old Abby Norman was repeatedly hospitalized in excruciating pain. Over the next several months her strong dancer’s body dropped 40 pounds and grey hair sprouted from her temples. The many doctors she saw insisted it was all in her head. Unable to get out of bed, much less attend class, she lost her dance scholarship, dropped... MORE
6:30 PM
FREE to the public