Tall Horse, Purse, Ossalot, $300


Tall Horse, Purse, Ossalot, $300

Shining beacons of local rock, punk & alt-country

Portland's alt-country rockers Tall Horse has assembled this truly electrifying line-up of local luminaries to help celebrate the release of their new album. These colorful (and accurate) descriptions were culled from each band that we wouldn't dare present in any other form...

Purse is a 3-headed Ghidorah with tinges of absolute hope, sacred mystery, and layered cosmic impartations.

Tall Horse recalls sounds of the Old West, mostly remembered poorly, fully well fricked with.

$300 is the sonic equivalent of a neon parfait getting thrown at a brand new 1984 Grand Am Convertible as it rips down Daytona Beach in slow motion.

Ossalot is the greatest shine you've ever tasted.

July 8, 2017
8:30 PM