Stillman, Krimsky, Weisman & Weisman with Tom Kovacevic


Stillman, Krimsky, Weisman & Weisman with Tom Kovacevic

Robert Stillman convenes Eliot Krimsky, Chris & Kurt Weisman for a special band

The Maine native, England-residing multi-instrumentalist Robert Stillman has assembled a truly special one-time band alongside Glass Ghost's electro-pop-guru Eliot Krimsky and Brattleboro brother-songsmiths Chris & Kurt Weisman. The members of SKW&W met as young men, having pursued parallel teenage musical vision-quests in bedrooms, band rooms, and the all-state festivals of New England. In the many years since, they have worked jointly on many creative musical projects (Kurt’s records Spiritual Sci-fi and Orange; Glass Ghost’s Idol Omen, Chris’s saxophone suite Broadstairs), while pursuing divergent paths in the worlds of pop, folk, jazz, experimental music, and above-all, the cracks in-between. This spring, the four reassemble to improvise and play each other’s compositions as Stillman, Krimsky, Weisman & Weisman. They are: Robert Stillman: saxophone; Eliot Krimsky: keyboards; Chris Weisman: guitar; Kurt Weisman: flute and violincello.

South Portland's own inimitable songcrafter, oud player, and Arabic music cognoscente, Tom Kovacevic will open the evening.  

April 7, 2017
9:00 PM

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