Sex Of Self

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Sex Of Self

Lets talk about sex!  Join us for a sex fueled creative evening of performance by Kelly Nesbitt followed by a panel discussion and Q&A on the topic of sexuality led by 'SEX OF SELF' sex educators Dana Fadel and Kellie Ryan. Ultimately, the best activism around sexuality may be to offer a space that makes all experiences normal and acceptable and gives them a voice. 

Performance artist Kelly Nesbitt returns to Portland and will kick off the evening with her new comedic character Dr. Tallulah, running 20 minutes in length.  She will also  join in on the closing panel discussion and Q&A.   

Dr. Tallulah is a fiery Shamanic Healer, Sexual Activist, Vision Quest Guide, Intuitive, Zen Cosmetologist, Motivational Speaker, Cognitive Revolutionary, Dyslexia Advocate, Om Coach and recent transplant from Ireland to the U.S.A.  Imagine a metaphysical cross between Archie Bunker, Dr Ruth, Carol Burnett, Shirley Valentine, Edith Bouvier Beale, and Maria Bamford on steroids with a wee bit of Viagra and you're closer to understanding who Dr Tallulah is. 

Dr Tallulah's new piece is hysterical, totally original, and tells her personal story of a spiritual awakening, a journey through time, from the womb, to a mid-life revelation.  There's self discovery, cosmic sexology, rekindling of her dreams, unexpected love, and the unveiling of her hearts deepest desires.  This story follows a hero's journey, taps into the zeitgeist of a New Age baby boomer generation, and walks the line between satire and the performer's (Nesbitt's) own vulnerability in her quest for love, intimacy, fear of being alone, and dying alone. It's semi-autobiographical, a combination of pratfall and seriousness, uses pathos and audience participation as Dr Tallulah has been known to give Zen therapeutic haircuts to unsuspecting audience members. It has been described at brilliant, poignant, grotesque, hilarious, sexy hot, poetic, imaginative, absurd, and genius.  She won't just make you laugh, she'll make to sigh, and possibly cry. 

SEX OF SELF is comprised of two local sex educators Dana Fadel & Kellie Ryan who lead workshops and retreats that help create community that supports each other in information, guidance, care, and acceptance around sexuality.  They will close out the evening with a panel discussion on the subject of sexuality, share some of the work they do, close with a Q&A.  Dr Tallulah will join in on the panel discussion too.  Thats three sexual activists taking the stage!  

*Photo of Dr. Tallulah in the red sweater was taken by lloyd lemmermann

November 3, 2016
8:00 PM

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