March Forth

Community event

March Forth

A Benefit For The Mark Baumer Sustainability Fund

On March 4, 2017, join us for March Forth: A Benefit for the Mark Baumer Sustainability Fund. Raised in Durham, ME, Mark was an activist, writer, performance artist, librarian, son, friend, and vegan superhero who lived in Providence, RI. He was walking across the country barefoot to raise awareness about climate change when he was killed by an SUV on January 21, 2017

March Forth will serve as a benefit for The Mark Baumer Sustainaibility Fund, which will fund important community projects that raise awareness about the environment, promote social justice, and involve underserved populations directly in renewing their communities. These were the issues and causes that fueled Mark’s passions and were what he gave his life for. 

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Nat Baldwin
Good Friends (Ian O'Neill, Dennis Ryan, Chris Ryan of Deer Tick)
Lingua Ignota (Kristin Hayter)
Seaspace Landscape (Emily Dix Thomas & S. Tourjee)

Claire Donato
Susannah Elisabeth Fulcher

Ada Smailbegović

Ricky Katowicz

Aaron Fix

Dannielle Simonik

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Donate to The Mark Baumer Sustainaibility Fund online at:

March 4, 2017
8:30 PM

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