Jonwayne Rap Album Two Tour with Danny Watts, EMV, and Lyokha


Jonwayne Rap Album Two Tour with Danny Watts, EMV, and Lyokha

The Stones Throw rapper/producer makes his Portland debut

Jonwayne came onto the Los Angeles music scene by way of the east Los Angeles club Low End Theory circa 2008-09, then emerging as the epicenter of a new generation of hip-hop beat makers: Flying Lotus, Gaslamp Killer, Nosaj Thing, Kutmah, Daedelus. Fresh out of high school, Jonwayne jumped in with homemade rap mixtapes and immersed himself in the scene. "It felt like a golden age," he says, "it was very inspiring."

He first became known as a producer, releasing the instrumental album Bowser (2011) – but it was his over-sized skill on the mic that caught the attention of Stones Throw's Peanut Butter Wolf, who signed him to record an album as an MC. 

As Jon set to work on his debut rap project, he let his presence be known with a series of tapes: Cassette, Cassette 2 and Cassette 3. Each was unplanned, the releases prompted by Jon’s prolific output. And by this time even lawyers for the tobacco conglomerate Phillip Morris took notice of Jonwayne, serving him with a cease & desist notice for a cassette that looked like a pack of Marlboros.

Jon Wayne is the MC/producer's birth name. The Hollywood cowboy, John Wayne (real name Marion Morrison) took his famous screen name from Jonwayne's great-great-great-great-great uncle, General "Mad Anthony" Wayne, a player in the American Revolutionary War. True story. Now Jonwayne's taking back the name - what goes around comes around.

On tour with Jonwayne is Houston's Danny Watts, the conscious and thought-provoking lyricist of the heavy-on-the-positivity hip-hop crew n3wthought.

Opening the night is Lyokha, a three-piece electronic brotherhood comprised of Chon Runner, Yung Rosy and FENIMORE夢 that together create cinematic soundscapes full of layered synths, trapped-out drums, and vaporwave mana. The trio will be joined by guest vocalists Bright Boy, Black Castro, Bosshog, Waymilli, and more for this special set. 


November 1, 2017
8:00 PM
538 Congress St
Portland, ME 04101

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November 22, 2017
What was it that they say about remembering? Details get hazy if something important hasn’t happened that day. Wednesday, the 1st of November was a different story. I had heard briefly of Jonwayne.