J.E. Sunde and Caroline Cotter with Starcrossed Losers


J.E. Sunde and Caroline Cotter with Starcrossed Losers

Serene & delicate songcraft from powerful songsmiths

J.E. Sunde, the velvet-voiced former frontman of Wisconsin chamber-pop trio The Daredevil Christopher Wright, is an unassuming bard of uncommon talents. His mellifluous songs ring in dulcet tones, pleasant to a passive listener, but full of unusual intricacies and subtle details at a closer listen. While writing in a style that draw comparisons from to giants from Dylan to his fellow Eau Claire native, Bon Iver, Sunde's music has a timeless quality, yet feels immediate, of this moment, and always just a bit different than anything you've ever heard.

Sunde will be joined by Portland's own folk troubadour Caroline Cotter, who's songs are steeped in Americana and wanderlust. Starcrossed Losers, the dynamic and raw local folk-rock outfit, open the evening with a stripped down set of acoustic balladry and forlorn parlor laments.

June 23, 2017
8:30 PM

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