Hip Hop Heaven

Community event

Hip Hop Heaven

Honoring the Elements and Spirit of the Movement

Building off December's Disco Forever program, join us for a conversation exploring the historical elements of hip-hop, its socio-political vibes and discontents, along with trends in contemporary practice.

Hip-Hop Heaven is in respect of the truths of black artists in response to police violence, gender violence, racism, American politics, religion, poverty and the hustle; as writer Alejandro Nava writes,

The concept of 'soul' revolves around narratives of justice, liberation and spiritual redemption.” Such lived experiences challenge the traditional meanings of the sacred and profane and reveal the psychic states of injustice.

We will hear from four Portland artists, Dàveed Thete, Sonya Tomlinson, Mo Nuñez, and Malcolm Henry, on their thoughts on hip-hop's spirituality, their engagement with the elements of hip-hop, their work and influences, and all the things that might move them. 

Panel discussion moderated by Samaa Abdurraqib



Recommended Resources: books, articles, performances and podcasts

Alejandro Nava, In Search of Soul

L.L Cool J, Colby College 1985

CRI Episode 056: Spirituality in Modern Hip Hop: The Theology of Kendrick Lamar and Chance the Rapper

April 26, 2018
7:30 PM