Chandra Oppenheim & Dan Capaldi: The World of My Dreams Collective


Chandra Oppenheim & Dan Capaldi: The World of My Dreams Collective

Chandra goes back to her roots, collaborating with songwriters ages 4 to 14

Post-punk virtuoso Chandra Oppenheim released her groundbreaking EP Transportation in 1980 at the age of 12. Coming full circle, Chandra presents a new collaborative project featuring the songwriting talents of young artists, ages 4 to 14. A backing band comprised of a who's who of Portland musicians, including Dominic Lavoie, Sorcha, Hannah Daman, Jeff Beam, Will Bradford, Kyle Gervais, and other local luminaries showcases the sophistication and depth in the songwriting. The project calls back to Chandra’s roots: intuitive and powerful music by young artists, for everyone.

In conjuction with the concert, local label Rain Boots Records is proud to announce the the release of World of My Dreams, an anthology of remarkable and striking songs written by The Young Songwriters Project, a collective composed of children age five to fourteen, who originally met at the Forest School in Falmouth, Maine. Under the tutelage and guidance executive producer Oppenheim and musical director/co-producer Dan Capaldi, The Young Songwriters Project has created a unique recording: a double album that is sure to astound the listener in both scope and maturity.  

Recorded at Halo Studios in Windham, and engineered by NEMA Producer of the Year 2017, Jonathan Wyman, this massive double disc offering is nourished by its diverse and often stunning musical arrangements as well as its top notch production. The first album features the members of YSP singing their own songs and the second album features an all-star cast of professional local artists performing their own versions of the YSP's songs. This unparraleled endeavor has yielded compelling and unexpected results, and serves as a wildly refreshing adventure in both form and composition. 

July 29, 2017
7:30 PM

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