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3.6.2009 By Ian
Download the MP3: Emilia Dahlin - "6 Acre Lot (Live @ SPACE Gallery 11.06.04)" Okay, so that Andrew Bird show back in '04? Here's the other half of the equation! The always lovely Emilia Dahlin opened that night, and here's a live track from her set. Emilia needs no introduction, but if you're new to this gazillion times over award winner, here's her bio. She just spent February teaching a... MORE
3.4.2009 By Bryan
Read on for the MP3 and more. Stream Andrew Bird - Why? (Live @ SPACE Gallery 11.06.04) Live At SPACE MP3 player In November 2004, Andrew Bird performed at SPACE Gallery. A studio version of the track above appeared on the album The Swimming Hour from Bird's previous band, Bowl Of Fire, in 2001. Andrew Bird has been making the rounds lately, promoting his latest release, Noble Beast. Check out... MORE
2.27.2009 By Bryan
Download the MP3: Phantom Buffalo - "Journey To The Castle Of The Racing Wind (Live)" While we kicked off the Live at SPACE MP3 series with a bang with an (inter)national act, it definitely makes sense to follow it up with one of our own great Portland bands. Phantom Buffalo have survived enough changes in names, members, and the local club scene to make anyone's head spin, but their psychedelic... MORE