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3.17.2009 By Bryan
Just a few days before Andrew Bird's memorable show at SPACE, Nova Scotia's Buck 65 graced our humble stage, where the above MP3 of "Pants On Fire" was recorded. A studio version of this track appears on Buck 65's compilation from that year, This Right Here Is Buck 65. Stream Buck 65 - Pants on Fire (Live @ SPACE Gallery 11.01.04) Live At SPACE MP3 player Rich Terfry, aka Buck 65, currently... MORE
3.12.2009 By Bryan
Download the MP3: Sara Cox - "Devotion" Sara Cox shared the stage with Lori Mckenna (look for a live recording from her set here next week!) at SPACE Gallery on December 18, 2004. The MP3 above is of the song "Devotion," from Sara's 2003 album, Arrive (which the Portland Phoenix named best album of the year in 2004). You can order the studio album here. She'll be back at SPACE on May 2nd for the... MORE
3.10.2009 By Bryan
Download the MP3: Deerhoof - "Spy On You" Deerhoof are the type of band that are infinitely difficult to describe, but ultimately pure pleasure to watch or listen to. This recording from back in 2005 at SPACE Gallery (the track appeared on that year's The Runners Four) epitomizes their style of swirling, hypnotic pop that nobody else can do in quite the same way. Deerhoof are currently involved... MORE