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2.23.2013 By adam
Through the winter here at SPACE we have had a bit of a (unintentional) live music drought.  Luckily, spring showers are right around the corner, and we have a bunch of great music shows lined up for the next few months.  From tonight's always good and always unpredictable 48 Hour Music Festival through the ghostly Appalachian guitar music of William Tyler we have a diverse set of musicians... MORE
2.13.2013 By adam
photo by Clint Garboden On March 2nd Lady Lamb the Beekeeper will be having her record release party at SPACE.  Yesterday Lady Lamb was interviewed on WNYC's Soundcheck, and along with the interview, Soundcheck has posted Lady Lamb's new record Ripely Pine (the whole thing!) for your previewing pleasure.  So go listen to it!   With Lady Lamb's energetic, intimate and dreamy live performance (... MORE
1.21.2011 By jenny
We are super excited to welcome back Jonathan Toubin and his New York Night Train Soul Clap dance party! What a perfect way to spend a cold winter night, sweating to some soul while competing for the treasured bragging rights of having the fanciest moves in town. If you can't make it tonight, which would be a drag, at least make the effort to download and stream his wonderfully rare mix tapes.... MORE