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1.15.2013 By nathansalsburg
Nathan Salsburg is a producer, guitarist, and Curator of the Alan Lomax Archive. He lives between Portland, Me., and Louisville, Ky., and is guest-blogging this week as SPACE's Arts Administrator in Residence.  Needing a spot to set up shop during a month-long visit t0 Portland in March 2012, I was not only offered a desk, an internet connection, and a key by Nat and the SPACE gang, but I was... MORE
12.18.2012 By jenny
If you missed it or were not able to see the PORTLAND || PORTLAND installation/app in our storefront window last month, here are some photos and a video of what it looked like. Pretty awesome!
12.14.2012 By jenny
Have you seen our Works on Paper show yet? We have some seriously collectable work by Meghan Brady, Karen Gelardi, Carly Glovinski, Jared Haug, Ben Potter, Mike Libby and Nathan Stevens. Here's a peek at what's hanging on our walls: Meghan Brady, Blue and Black Woodcut #1, 2010, woodcut, 42 x 36 in Carly Glovinski, Mask 2, 14x11in, Paint, ink on paper, 2012 Jared Haug, Summer Nights Land of... MORE