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10.24.2014 By adam
  In a just over a week Portland will bid farewell to David Meiklejohn.  David's has been consistently creating and facilitating art & culture (not to mention providing an endless wellspring of old fashioned love) for over a decade.  In addition to his own film projects (including a handful in collaboration with SPACE) David has been the nucleus of the... MORE
6.3.2014 By anne
Have you met our events calendar? You probably have. Our calendar is the most popular piece of collateral that we print. We send about 500 copies to our members and donors, and then another 500 get distributed around our city, waiting to be snatched up by eager passers-by. This thing gets around. We just had a spot open up in our advertising section, and we want you to fill... MORE
1.21.2014 By jenny
Our friends Tara Pelletier and Jeff Kurosaki just installed their show Urban Heat Island at Real Art Ways in Hartford, CT. Tara and Jeff's show Moon Moves (So Slowly) in our annex last March was a highlight of our exhibitions program last year. We're excited to see their new work! *All photos taken from the Friendly Falcons website.