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4.17.2013 By adam
Alicia Eggert and Mike Fleming's Eternity appeared at SPACE in late 2010.  Since then the wall mounted sculpture has been in demand all over the world.  It has been in galleries, museums, and festivals in: Milan, Beijing, Torun (Poland), St. Petersburg, Leuven (Belgium), New Mexico, Ontario, and New York.     In between traveling, teaching and going to school Mike... MORE
3.19.2013 By jenny
Last week when Patrick and Donna of The 7-Person Chair Pyramid High Wire Act (which was awesome!) came through, they left us with a stack of Mothers News, a free newspaper published by friends of theirs in Providence, RI. There's a lot of interesting stuff in there, and we have a few copies left, so come grab one!
1.15.2013 By nathansalsburg
Nathan Salsburg is a producer, guitarist, and Curator of the Alan Lomax Archive. He lives between Portland, Me., and Louisville, Ky., and is guest-blogging this week as SPACE's Arts Administrator in Residence.  Needing a spot to set up shop during a month-long visit t0 Portland in March 2012, I was not only offered a desk, an internet connection, and a key by Nat and the SPACE gang, but I was... MORE