10.31.2014 By hannah
As one of three interns this fall, I'm not around SPACE enough to hear about everyone's cultural obsessions (besides, every once in a while we talk about things besides art...). So I emailed around some probing questions. Here are their answers. Agree, shrug, and hopefully find something new to get into for the snowed-in days to come. What's the first art/music/book/play/whatever that made a...
10.3.2014 By hannah
Here in the office, we're enjoying a new soundtrack: Jesse Sugarmann's video installation, We Build Excitement, opens tonight! He talked to us about Pontiac's adolescent design sense, the response he hopes to trigger with the show, and more. Hear more from Jesse at his free artist talk on October 4th.  
7.10.2014 By anne
Artist Adam John Manley has been toiling away in our annex this week installing his show, Staying Put, which opens tomorrow. The exhibition revolves around a floating sculpture, a four-piece dining set that is attached to an articulating float and has been moored in Maine harbors. The work is documented in photographic form and with video footage, as well as a display of the piece itself in the...
6.9.2014 By anne
    Next week, Brooklyn-based artist Katie Bell will be gracing the streets of Portland as she installs her show Face Off. She'll be gathering oodles of home building waste materials and compiling them into an immersive installation in our main space. In eager anticipation of her arrival, we asked Katie some questions about her work...  
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